Roasted Chicken with Bok Choy

A Florida native, I recently moved to Maui with my husband, David (long story). I haven’t been here a week yet, but couldn’t wait to test out the new kitchen; I had long ago outgrown my broomcloset-of-a-kitchen in my tiny single-girl apartment back in Florida once David moved in. On to BIGGER and better things!! So, the first meal I made was this roasted chicken, a dish I had not yet made, but consider one of many comforts (like a mini-Thanksgiving!) . Now, the area in which we live is scattered with a variety of neighborhood groves, which produce a healthy variety of fruit. We went to visit a friend the other night, and he seemed okay with the fact that I cleared the grove of all the goodies it had to offer (as my mother-in-law once said, sometimes it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission!). In fact, he said I could come back anytime to steal more — thanks, Jeff! Turns out this lemon is pretty much the coolest lemon to walk the earth, about as cool as any lemon can get. Not only was it STRIPED, but pink on the inside, and just delicious. So, yeah, about the chicken..img_5635

I stuffed this chicken with one large peeled and crushed whole head of garlic, 5 or so large sprigs of rosemary from our yard (I’m so excited over the bush that my husband thinks I only married him for the herbs), and that amazing striped pink lemon, sliced and squeezed a bit to release the juice.  Then, I massaged it with a generous amount of olive oil, sea salt, and a 21-spice blend I found in bulk at Costco (I’ve used it in just about everything so far and highly recommend it!) From the second I put it in the oven, the aroma itself made me feel at home in a new place — like Christmas (from the pine-y rosemary) and Thanksgiving (you know, that roasting bird smell) in one. I have to admit that I was kinda sad when it was done cooking since I was loving the cooking smell so much. It turned out moist, delicious, tender, everything a chicken should be. I was so very proud. Oh yeah, and I made mashed potatoes and bok choy (David, who eats everything, did NOT love the bok choy… but he said he’ll give it another try.. maybe I’ll try it with soy sauce and garlic next time, it was a little “meh”).  The chicken turned out so good that I feel a little better about not having my beloved Publix around, which any Floridian knows makes a savory rotisserie thats really tough to beat.


All in all, I love my new kitchen, neighborhood, and new life here. I have gotten my kitchen fix and got my feet wet with all the new grocery stores and ingredients Maui has to offer… I even bought a few new things that seemed exotic and delicious, and have received some great recipes from some local Hawaiians here, which I’m excited to try… maybe this weekend 🙂

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