Mr. Ramen

ramenWe recently visited David’s brother, Elliott, in LA. One of the things we did was explored Little Tokyo on the hunt for some good ramen. Based on Yelp reviews, we decided to try Mr. Ramen (with a name like that, it had to be good, right?) So the atmosphere itself felt like what I’d imagine a Tokyo ramen house might feel like —  a little hole in the wall place where you can smell the broth as you enter the doorway, nothing fancy, run by very kind Japanese owners who smile alot. Cute little place.


The menu offered a very wide variety of ramen noodle, meat and veg, and broth combinations. I went with the vegetable pork bone ramen, which featured a very rich, golden, salty-but-not-too-salty broth, sliced porkimg_5523, noodles, egg, cabbage, and seaweed greens. This is a VERY filling and satisfying soup. I felt instantly perked up by the broth alone, and as I ate it I imagined it to be something that would cure any sickness or hangover. Luckily, I had neither, just seemed very nutritious, while extremely enjoyable to eat.  10/10 would eat again.

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